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Reality doesn't really bite, it's just a good movie... AND movies are so much better than reality!

Kathleen. 21. St. Louis, MO.
I'm obsessed with Movies & TV Shows & good Teen Novels...
(Especially Forrest Gump, Veronica Mars, TVD (DELENA), Downton Abbey, Harry Potter & the books of Jenny Han, Megan Mccafferty, & Emily Giffin)
And I LOVE to bake :)

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I am loving the extended (Director’s Cut) Veronica Mars Kickstarter video! 

OMG this was amazing.

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The Top 6 Most Underrated TV shows:

1. Veronica Mars

2. The Black Donnelly’s

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. Sons of Anarchy

5. American Horror Story

6. Friday Night Lights

ALSO: MTV’s Awkward!!!

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I honestly think Logan and Veronica are star-crossed, and you can’t explain why they keep going back to each other regardless of the mistakes each have made.” - Kristen Bell

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OMG JASON DOHRING!! aka Logan Echolls, my love, in a funny/good looking movie!

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More Veronica Mars!

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Mr. Echolls, I was wondering if I could have a word?"
“Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guy.

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Tagged: Veronica MarsLogan Echolls